Saturday, July 3, 2010

What the Cool Kids listen to these Days: Rockin' & Rollin' - Mickey Factz

I've always appreciated the retro throwbacks that The Cool Kids have done over the few years their sparse material has been out, and this was one of their more interesting features, partly due to that Mickey Factz wasn't really established yet. Although Chuck Inglish goes on to reuse his verse, the accordians and drum patterns from Percize (Producer) and the quirky verses from Mickey Factz, Chuck Inglish & Mikey Rocks, it's a very respectable track.

I have a Ghostwridah review coming up in the next two days, and currently rockin' (no pun intended) and rollin' too that Ab-Soul mixtape.


  1. this song is a banger
    check out this remix tho

  2. Lmao, I have that remix, it's on the "Incredible" Mickey Factz mixtape, but thanks anyways!