Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On Some Bee Buzz: Willie Da Kid & Lee Bannon

I was attempting to write some quick verses just for satisfaction, when I glanced upon a previously downloaded track, Sky Miles, with Curren$y. I realized, these are the kinds of joints that I like for a couple of minutes, mostly because their short, easy to rap over and they have a concise feel.

Then I realized, these tracks were all by Willie Da Kid, a lyricist I dimissed because of his surroundings, and the seemingly generic factor he had surrounding him. Of course, I picked up all the tracks that were going to be on this aptly titled EP, Never A Dull Moment. It seems correct, and a budding concept that other artists should follow, short, cinematic-produced tracks with a quick verse or two, and just moves on. This A.D.D concept is an interesting one, and three rappers I definitely would consider of doing it is Curren$y, Rick Ross & Tyga. It seems that a punchline-ridden, flowtastic verse always works.

Even more interesting is Lee Bannon. While I've never really heard of him (Downloading some stuff now, actually), these productions that he does for Willie Da Kid seems themed, catering towards some specific topic that Willie's gonna start talking about, which is usually The-Game kinda topic, the talking shit about anything topic. Works quite nicely.

I'm going to give Never A Dull Moment a good rating in my book, because it's forming terribly nicely. While Willie Da Kid isn't necessarily the greatest rapper ("Soft like a marshmallow" isn't really a gut-grabbing metaphor, while Lost In France is a great concept in it's own) Lee Bannon however, he's definitely someone to look out.

So, on some bee buzz shit is Never A Dull Moment EP in my eyes.

Sky Miles (Featuring Curren$y):

I mean, obviously Curren$y's verse exposes Willie Da Kid, but the way that this track is designed is just to let the rappers just rap on and on about the same, comfortable topics.

Lost In France:

I've already stated it, but it's a concept done right.

Hickory Smoke:

Again, cementing the Lee Bannon production front.

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