Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jets + Boston Rich Boys? The Sam Adam & Curren$y duo

I've always thought this duo, a straight quoted from itunes, "Mixing Shwayze-like beats, the caustic attitude of Kesha, and a tough version of suburban rap," kind of kid (whose been gaining steady fame), and a chill laidback weed smoker, wasn't exactly the correct duo. But yet, it works.

Firstly, there are many circumstances of why this supposed duo wouldn't work. Firstly, it's the material that both of these people present. With Sam Adams, it's pretty much frat music, electronica-synth sounds (Swang Your Drank, for example), or mainstreaming production with the dude. Curren$y is just pretty much all over the place, shredding anything. Oh, and Curren$y doesn't use ... auto tune.

So we have two songs here, Fly Jets Over Boston, and Walk With These, two hazy inspired tracks from emerging (and interesting, I would love to freestyle over this)) producer Xperiment, that apparently started with this collaborative project about literally Jets over Boston or something along the matter.

Take a listen for yourself:
Fly Jets Over Boston (Featuring Curren$y):
"You got screen door lyrics, we can see through em'."

I've noticed that Curren$y usually tries a little more on Sam Adams tracks, maybe it's the friend factor, or just that he wants to? Curren$y + Xperiment is a interesting project idea.

Walk With These (Featuring Curren$y):
"When I already told ya to walk with these, guess you want me to lace them up for you too"

SHIT Curren$y, that's a nice opener. Sam Adams doesn't slack either.

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