Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Return To The Winners Circle - Curren$y (Review)

1. Daze Of Thunder | 4 - 4.5 (Produced by Kanye West)

2. Rain Delay | 4 - 4.5 (Produced by RZA)

3. On... | 3 - 3.5

4. Trophy Case | 3 - 3.5

5. Empire Monopoly | 3 - 3.5

6. Frost | 3.5 - 4 (Produced by Beat Billionaire)

7. Record Deals | 3.5 - 4 (Produced by Organized Noise)

Curren$y needed to rap more.

8. Moon & Stars (Remix) (Featuring Big K.R.I.T & Killa Kyleon) | 4 - 4.5 (Produced by Big K.R.I.T)

9. Role Model | 4 - 4.25 (Produced by Ski)

10. Paydays | 3.5

11. Jets At Your Neck (Featuring Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver) | 3.25 - 3.75

The Verdict: 38.75 - 43.5 | 75% | 3.75 / 5

“Haters is mad we get high, and rich \ Ain’t slowing down for nothing, George Kush the Button \ Like what do this though, fuck it, here go nothing.”

-Daze Of Thunder

Judging from that quote, I think it’s still a testament that the year of 2011 has brought no change into Shante Anthony Franklin’s artistic integrity at all. And that’s already one New Year’s resolution that Curren$y should, and is going to continually follow throughout the course of the year.

And this year really does look stacked for Curren$y. We’ve gotten talks of an early-quarter release of Pilot Talk III, his often-spoken of Muscle Car Chronicles, and the newest addition to this list, Covert Coup with super-producer Alchemist. So Curren$y does have a lot of to deal with, and this mixtape is merely the start to how Curren$y is going to tackle this 2011.

It seems quite obvious that Curren$y isn’t going to change his ways. From the stellar get-go of listing the usual objectives that Curren$y achieves and does on the stellar “Live Fast, Die Young,” production from Kanye West, to the sharp contrasts of the moody and brooding remake of Raekwons Rainy Dayz in Rain Delay, or even Young Dro’s summer banger “Freeze Me” made into “Frost,” whatever production the young Curren$y tackles is receives the same fate as any other track he’s going to. And I’m just fine with that.

There definitely are the shining moments on this tape (besides the forementioned), such as Curren$y’s ridiculous verse on the “Moon & Stars” remix, or the quietly hidden Ski-produced Role Model. Even Jets At Your Neck deserves some honorable mention, considering it’s the best J.E.T.S-posse cut. You’ve got the track Space Shuttle to compete with, so it reallyisn’t that hard.

Yet, you know that this is throwaway material for Curren$y. However, I don’t really feel that issue is too important to be addressed. If Curren$y is willing to consider such quality material as quick music for the masses, I don’t see any problem with that. Sure, the section from On... to Empire Monopoly isn’t the most engaging Curren$y rapping, but there isn’t anything specifically or blatantly wrong with any of it.

So anyways even in 2011, Just Enjoy This Shit. Jets fool.