Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Big Boi album gets released?

Wow. It's like when Raekwons album got released. People was like what? IT EXISTS?
Well besides the rather dissapointing album cover, and the questionable hype that led up to it, it's here now in all it's glory. I'm up to Tangerine (as of this post), and that's my favorite, besides Shutterbug & Daddy Fat Sax. Call those my early favorites.

SHIT. Tangerine's been in my head all day, considering I got it earlier today as the single version, and the congas, drums, everything just meshs together for some strange reason.

But my initial outlook on the album.
- Organized Sound is back!
- Scott Storch makes good productions?
- Why isn't Royal Flush on? Especially when Big Boi makes a royal flush reference on Tangerine (Apparently it's supposed to be some seduction line? Idk)
- Big Boi realizes the new southern cats are here, Yelawolf & B.o.B lok like solid guest apperances)
- Gucci Mane actually has a guest spot that's good?
- Hi janelle monae.

Sorry, Tangerine is crazy dope. Especially the T.I appearance, it really helped the song. The only thing is that, if it wasn't down down-tempo / club appealing, it would be a great single. I think it could be a single for the clubs wherever Big Boi occupies.

Shine Blockas is actually one of the best tracks off the album, and it doesn't seem to be edited when it first leaked.

Looks good right now Big Bwoi


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Shine Blockas is CRAZY good, even with Gooshi-May on it. did you check out the remix posted on Tha 'Fro? Bun-B and Project Pat only make it doper

    as far as Chico Dusty goes, some tracks are fuckin' nuts, others are just ok, but none of em are bad really. maybe You Aint No DJ (I dig Yela and Andre, but I just cant seem to vibe with that kitchen-sink beat)

    I'm liking this blog so far Chew, keep it up


  2. I appreciate the love that you're giving me on the site. It shows that this isn't actually a failed attempt of trying to get some relevance in the blogging world (No pun intended)

    I confess, I actually haven't listened to the SHine Blockas remix, because there's a lot of shit that's been on my ears lately, specifically the Ghostwridah LP, soon to coming reviews on Hell Hath No Fury from Clipse, Broken Headphones from Quest & of course the Big Boi review.

    As for the Andre 3 Stacks track, the production defintely is left-field, as is Andre himself, and I have mixed opinions. While I appreciate the quirkiness, it sounds like a gimmicky track in the long run, and Yelawolf does sound a little awkward talking that southern drawl shit he does.

    It's a lot of shit to do, but thanks for the comment regardless.